Nikko Tech understands that in today’s economic scenario it is highly necessary for any organization to focus on its core competencies to survive and succeed. And therefore powered by its expertise and experience in the managed services space, Nikko Tech offers all help and support to implement and manage key projects as part of ongoing outsourced operations.

Thus with Nikko Tech, customers are gained not only control but also flexibility over their information systems without having to endure the pain or cost of running them.

Nikko IT Services delivery model

Remote Infrastructure Management

Nikko IT Services delivers Remote Infrastructure Management Services through its state-of-the-art Infrastructure Operations Management Center in Chennai, which are highly automated and capable of providing Business SLAs and End User SLAs, irrespective of the underlying technology, device or platform. We offer end-to-end infrastructure management including data center operations management and support.

On-site Support Services

Our teams are qualified to handle complete IT asset management including data centers. The Nikko IT Services On-Site Support resources can be deployed in a dedicated manner at customer premises, on a weekly on-site visit schedule or on a need basis. Products

Product Support Solutions from Nikko Tech

Reduce IT support costs and avail high quality services while improving operational efficiency. With our IT Product Support Services, you have the advantage of gaining the highest quality of standards in IT Infrastructure Support and online technical support. Our team of certified IT support professionals with years of experience help you secure processes and design innovative technology support solutions.